It is writers like Ellen Bernstein who make it possible to find answers in the Bible to questions no previous generation has had to ask. A book rich in valuable insights.
—Rabbi Harold Kushner, Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

A gem, beautifully written... A deep poetic work about living fully. . . Here Bernstein joins the ranks of naturalists like Annie Dillard.
—Sandee Brawarsky, Book critic, The N.Y. Jewish Week

In the 1970s, the idea of a Jewish environmental organization seemed to many an oxymoron. Undaunted, Ellen Bernstein created Shomrei Adamah, (Keepers of the Earth,) and the Jewish environmental movement was born. In The Splendor of Creation, Bernstein again takes it upon herself to push the envelope. Part midrash, part ecological science, part spirituality and part memoir, this is a book that redraws the map of Jewish environmental thinking.
—Natan Margalit, Tikkun Magazine

THE SPLENDOR OF CREATION is a book of remarkable insight based on her life-long commitment to the environment. Her skillful and poetic reading of Genesis through the lens of the elements makes for engaging reading. Moreover, she ignites what is sorely needed at present, namely a creative reciprocity with the Earth and its gifts. We are all in her debt."
—Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

Our thanks to Ellen Bernstein, birth-mother of the Jewish environmental movement, for this very personal book. Bernstein seamlessly weaves together Genesis and contemporary environmental awareness, forming a union in which each of these turns out to be the deeper meaning of the other. A very honest, down-to-earth, and sometimes profound reflection.
—Rabbi Arthur Green, Rector, The Rabbinical School at Hebrew College Author, A Guide to the Zohar, Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow

In a time when drawn and disputed borders -- political, religious, racial, and social -- are wreaking havoc across the planet it is vital that people return to their shared reality: the earth and the essential wisdom of creation. Ellen Bernstein's new book gives voice to that wisdom through her elegant reading of Genesis. This book belongs in the hands of clergy, spiritual seekers and all those who care about the earth. It can speak to all people of the one tale that we all share. It can take environmentalism out of the cloister of the environmentalists and into the hearts of ordinary people.
—Rabbi Rami Shapiro Author, The Wisdom of the Jewish Sages, The Way of Solomon, Minyan

Need help re-igniting your sense of wonder? Read Bernstein's book. The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology is a lyrical synthesis of the wisdom of the Bible and Bernstein's passion for nature. Based on the story of creation as told in Genesis, it seeks to rekindle what Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel called "radical amazement.
—Art Carey, The Philadlephia Inquirer

This book bears the mark of a life work-careful thought, spiritual insights, deep reflection on the meaning of a biblical text. It is a genre of writing difficult to do well, combining scholarship with poetry and autobiography. . .For decades, Ellen Bernstein has been on a journey to write this important book. Readers will want to share it with others because she has dared to trust them with the intimacy of her heart.
—Eli N. Evans Author, The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South.

This book is a remarkable achievement. Through a close reading of the most influential words ever written, Ellen Bernstein offers a spiritual language that can help us find a way back to a rich and meaningful relationship with the earth.
—Adam Werbach, Former President, Sierra Club Author, Act Now, Apologize Later

As someone with no religious affiliation, I found Ellen Bernstein's brilliant and inspired interpretation of Genesis riveting. I never realized that the Bible could offer insight to me as an environmentalist, but THE SPLENDOR OF CREATION convinces me that a reverence for nature is rooted in the Bible.
—Peter Barnes, Co-founder, Working Assets Author, Who Owns the Sky?