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An important contribution. This book will help train a whole generation of Jews to see the world—and their own tradition—through new eyes. Its authors deserve our profound thanks.
—Rabbi Art Green, Rector, Hebrew College Rabbinical School; Author, A Guide to the Zohar, Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow

Much has been written about the folk wisdom of Native Americans, . . and the ecological insights of the Buddha. Ellen Bernstein and Dan Fink explore many spiritual avenues. . . and find some of the richest material in their own faith: Judaism. The resulting book is invaluable for everyone who is looking with an open mind for a deeper truth.
—Denis Hayes President, The Bullitt Foundation; Founder, Earth Day;

Secular materialism, the philosophy which serves as the driving engine of the extractive economy, would be totally repealed if even a small fraction of this book is internalized and practiced by a small percent of our population. Few books stand the chance to be as dog-eared from practical use as this one. All ages will benefit from the creativity Ellen Bernstein and Dan Fink have exercised in bringing forth the relevant scripture to the modern environmental crisis.
—Wes Jackson President, The Land Institute