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Highly readable…deftly crafted…a treasure-trove of tools and insights for following the deep roots of Judaism in the soil of this planet.
—Steve Curwood, host of National Public Radio's Living on Earth

Pioneering.... A winning, eclectic mix linking Judaism and ecology.... This book comes as a blessing.
—Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Founding President of CLAL; President, Jewish Life Network

For the first time, a book that illuminates the guiding role that nature plays in human affairs….A welcome and powerful voice is now added to all those dedicated to preserving the integrity and sacred quality of the planet earth.

—Thomas Berry, author, The Universe Story

This timely collection, bringing out the ecological soul of Judaism, is a cause for celebration. Its many refreshing voices call Jewish spirituality to reawaken to its own glad reverence for Earth.

—Joanna Macy, author, World as Lover, World as Self

Ellen Bernstein’s pathbreaking work helps us to rethink the meanings of Judaism’s ancient texts as we struggle to find ways of resolving today’s ecological dilemmas.
—Carolyn Merchant, professor of environmental history, philosophy, and ethics, University of California at Berkeley; author, Earthcare